Motu Patlu Ki Jodi Cartoons And Everything- Images, Videos

Motu Patlu Ki Jodi Cartoons are one of the best and 3d animation video Indian cartoons that are made for childrens and became everyone’s favorites In India, Pakistan, and the USA country.

Motu Patlu cartoons were written by Niraj Vikram for nickelodeon India and produced by the cosmos-Maya studio, but after that, the classic lotpot strip adopted it.

Motu and Patlu are real friends who are living in Furfuri Nagar, but nowadays, the city of furfuri Nagar is called the modern city in the cartoon.

Motu Patlu cartoons premiered on 16 October 2012, and within a short time, they gained popularity in every country and also became favorites of childrens.

Motu Patlu Ki Jodi cartoons directed by Suhas Kadav and produced by Deepa Sahi and Anish J. S. Mehta in India and if we talk about the theme song of Motu Patlu Ki Jodi, then it is composed by Sandesh Shandilya and sung by Sukhwinder Singh who is a Hindi singer in Bollywood.

Motu Patlu Ki Jodi Cartoons

The story plays around Motu along with Patlu; two faithful friends are living in Furfuri Nagar, along with their daily basis activities. The series focuses on both landing themselves in trouble and funny drama, later being rescued only by luck.

Samosas are all Motu’s favorite food, and he often tries to sneak them out of the neighborhood Chaiwala who always makes the best samosas from the city.

Motu is mainly the black sheep of the duo, unintentionally creating problems due to his incompetency, while Patlu is the clever one that continually tries to stop him.

Ghasitaram always misdirects them making by Dr. Jhatka‘s extensive range of modern gadgets and funny stylish suits,. When Motu eats samosas, he gains more power and energy than he ordinarily has.

The main enemy of this series is that a criminal named John, who’s accompanied by both large but dumb and weak henchmen.

John Banega Don” always tries to become a super don; however, his every plan fails due to the heroic actions of Motu Patlu, that trick and expose his strategies very quickly.

In specific episodes, John attempts to destroy them by stealing Dr. Jhatka‘s brand new gadget and using it against Motu and Patlu; however, they eventually figure out how to give John a flavor of his own medicine.

Chingum Sir is another funny police officer in motu patlu cartoons who always face problems when he tries to help motu patlu in any way.

Sometimes chingum sir also gets help from motu patlu, and the motu patlu ki Jodi is the favorite Jodi for chingum sir, and he helps them a lot.

Characters Of Motu Patlu Cartoon

There are ten characters in motu patlu cartoons, but here you will learn only the main characters of Motu patlu and exciting things about them.

Motu Patlu

Motu and Patlu are real friends who always try to clean their city and to resolve other’s problem in every day, sometimes they try to secure banks, friends, or solving the puzzle that is created by John who always pretend to be a Don.

Motu’s favorite food is samosa, and when he eats the samosa he gains more power and energy and solves lots of problems but when he can’t eat it patlu helps and build an idea within 1 minute.

Motu Patlu Ki Jodi
Motu Patlu Ki Jodi

Chingum Sir

Chingum sir, is another famous character in these cartoons who always ride, but when he meets with motu and patlu, he becomes injured by helping them.

The famous dialogue of chingam sir is “Chingum Ke Changul Se Bachna Zam Possible Bole To Zam Possible.” Still, unfortunately, he always needs help from motu patlu he meets with trouble.

Chingum Sir always respects the police department and tells John that he can’t run from him because the police can do everything and put him jail.

If you see in every episode is nothing without chingum sir, and he pays a crucial role in these cartoons; he entertains children’s by playing funny acts and dialogues.

Motu Patlu Videos
Chingam Sir

John The Don

Motu Patlu is nothing without john the don, and his famous dialogue is “John Banega Don” john always tries to be a DON, and he is a very talented thief.

John always comes with his two fatty helpers who have always beaten him very badly, and they always put him troubles.

His plans consistently fail quite poorly and consequently wind up in him getting arrested or calmed by other men and women.

He always sings some nonsense poems. Despite ordinary thieves, he isn’t terrified of Chingum, sir, however, is rather frightened of Motu and Patlu.

He’s plump, and brief in dimension and confronts discrimination for it. He wears a blue colour shirt with dark blue blossom prints and a yellowish undershirt, brown belt, dark peri winkle trousers with blue cuffs, as well brown shoes.

Motu Patlu Cartoons
John holding Gun

Boxer Bhaiya

Boxer is Motu’s neighbor, and he’s an aggressive guy. Boxer always wears red with an orange outline onto the shirt’s back.

Boxer always beats motu and patlu in videos, but at the same time, he ready to help them or helps them with the problems.

Occasionally he wears a black blouse with jeans. His boxing trainer is Mr. Thakur. Boxer would like to help his acquaintances but gets mad and ends up beating them up instead.

He’s revealed that he isn’t a fantastic parent and can’t get his kid, Sunny, to sleep. At ”Judwa Boxer,” we figure out that he has a cowardly brother who afterward becomes daring enough to spare him from Motu and Patlu’s captivity.

His actual name is Raju, as revealed in the incident”Motu Mobile” if he calls his mom in the USA.

motu patlu images

Dr. Jhatka

Dr. Jhatka is an eccentric scientist. In specific older episodes that he had been revealed as a dental practitioner. His accent is similar to Sardar; therefore, he’s known as Punjabi.

Not only the motu patlu ki Jodi is famous, but “Maar Suthyaa Papad Wale Nu” dialogue is also very renowned in videos.

His creations are ordinarily quite striking but are of little use to the townspeople. Frequently gets somebody in trouble. He takes a yellow flying Autocar.

His grandfather is revealed to become a millionaire trying to find his grandson at Furfuri Nagar; his layout is a parallel variant of Motu.

Dr. Jhatka is a fatty man who always makes some modern gadgets and trail them on motu and patlu; sometimes, they get in trouble by dr jhatka devices.

He tests his gadgets Motu along with Patlu, without telling them, which causes them difficulties. This frequently results in him getting conquered from Motu and Patlu.

Motu Patlu
Dr Jhatka


Ghasitaram claims to have 20 decades of expertise in various areas, but just a number of those experiences are helpful to other people. He is a Bengali; He is also from Ghatal, who came from west bengali.

Like Dr. Jhatka, his so-called”adventures of 20 years” frequently land other men and women, particularly Motu and Patlu, in the troubles.

But, Motu and Patlu do call him for aid in some specific episodes, and he usually helps Dr. Jhatka with modern experiments on Motu and Patlu to test their gadgets.


Chaiwale Bhaiya

Chaiwala owns a tea-shop near Motu’s home, but his family or house is not disclosed. He also makes Motu’s favorite samosas and Patlu’s treasured tea in the modern city, which Motu steals out of the shop in the old episodes.

Though Chaiwala does not enjoy his stolen food, he occasionally rewards Motu by exempting him by paying the cash.

Motu owes him or even promises him free samosas if he frees him from different residents, Furfuri Nagar or a modern city. Motu sometimes gets beaten up for not providing paying Chaiwala.

Chaiwala Bhaiya

Commissioner Bubblegum

He’s the father of Chingum and the commissioner of all the area containing Furfuri Nagar(Modern City) and adjacent villages. He once got impressed by Motu and Patlu and even selected them in the authorities as Havaldars.

Once he came to understand these are less capable as he had thought, he got upset together and fired them from law enforcement.

Commissioner Bubblegum
Commissioner Bubblegum

Heera Singh

Heera singh is a Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum and he always says to chingum sir ” Aap To Top Ho, Hindustan Ki Hop Ho”.

It means you are the only hope of India or you are the greatest hope of India. He is not the important character in motu patlu cartoons but still, he plays the role of havaldar of chingum sir.

Heera Singh

Pheri Lal

Pheri Lal is a hawaldar of inspector chingum and helps him to catch criminals as well he also helps motu and paltu to get rid of problems. 

He is 30 years old man who is not smart like chingum and his dialauge is “You Are Great Sir, Par Born Little Late Sir. 

Pheri Lal


She sells the best veggies at the whole Furfuri Nagar. Motu could be vexatious for her overly occasionally and owes her a little money.

She’s a burning mood and also can punish Chingum if he or even in another manner hurts her veggies. She wears a green sari on a dark red blouse.


Mayor Mr. Singh

He is the mayor of modern city and wears a coat and a white shirt with the coat coloured Pant. He sometimes’s  make competitions with Furfuri Nagar and other villages.

Sometimes, he wears green coat with white t-shirt in videos.



Johnny is a big brother of john the don who is also a thief and looked very richer more than john.  In motu patlu cartoons he seen to be arrested by CBI.

He wears sky blue dark coat and white plant as well he wears glasses with gold rings.



Virus is a scientist; He always discovers something for John. He asks for cash from John, but John anyhow fools him and makes him run away.

After discovering modern gadgets he always meet john and John uses his gadgets on motu and patlu and puts the Virus in trouble.

Further characters include Chingum’s mother named Amma, Chingum’s wife named Dharti, Chingum’s uncle named Troublegum, Dr. Jhatka’s grandfather named Dada Jhatka, and Boxer’s son Sunny.

Number 1

Number 1 is John’s goon that always is with him and puts him into trouble.
He enjoys John’s short poems, but John beat him in return. He always suggests brilliant ideas to trap Motu and Patlu; however, if he tries to tell him, John says that his plan is awful and beats him.
Although he respects John, Number 1 is the first to get hit by him. He wears a blue French test coat, magenta striped blouse, denim pants, and a yellowish ascot.

Number 2

Number 2 is also a john’s goon who is a tall and fatty having zero knowledge of any work. 

Number 2 does not speak much in motu paltu cartoons but sometimes, he speaks, wah boss wah, tya kavita hai”.

He wears sky blue shoes, light blue shirt and having brown eyes as well as wears black belt. 

He has not seen to get hurt in cartoons but his works put john’s into jail. 


Motu Patlu Images

john the don
motu patlu movie

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You can download lots of images of Motu patlu and other character’s pictures on this website and watch cartoon videos as well.

Motu Patlu Cartoon Videos

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